Training And Consultancy

The trainers and consultants working at Tectre have significant experience of working as learning and development professionals within large global  companies.  They have developed both technical and soft skills course-ware and have delivered it both on public courses and in-house at client sites.  The team at Tectre are also more than capable of providing soft skills training for technical people because of our long association with technology and techies in both professional and management roles.  We believe that we understand how to get the best from Technical people. For our diversity training, we have been active in gender and BAME diversity arenas for nearly two decades and, where required, we can offer courses specific to women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and the Built Trades). We use genosLogoMin emotional intelligence testing and methodology and iMA communications techniques to support our teaching and learning. 

Course Options

Face-to-Face and Open Courses

Groups are kept to a maximum of 14 people on our open courses to ensure that the maximum learning outcomes are acquired. Our skilled trainers ensure that training methods are mixed to accommodate all learning styles. 

We run courses in the South;  East (London), the Midlands;  (Leamington Spa) and in the North; (Huddersfield) and Online

Some courses have an optional overnight stay beforehand. This is usually done to ensure that we can pack extra training into the 'socialising' session.

Where possible we include industry approved training methodologies to support the delivery of comprehensive learning. Call us on 01484 613724 if you need places. or Contact Gillian or Anne-Marie via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Online courses 

We offer several flavours of online education:

For boards, executive teams and hiring-managers we are happy to run live online seminars (we use Zoom) and these are typically for groups of up to 10-12 people. 

Training about bias can be an emotive subject, and teams often want the opportunity to explore bias in a more supported manner with guided discussion and interactive exercises. We ensure that leaders understand the benefits that diverse teams can offer the organisation, how to understand where bias lives within the organisation, and how to implement change.  

Self-Paced courses 

We also  provide self-paced learning on the TalentLMS Learning Management System.  This is either blended learning; a mix of short, live, online seminars interspersed with self-paced online learning, or fully self-paced.   This option is appropriate for learners of all types, and can be integrated into your training curriculum.  We have specific modules for teachers and are happy to talk about adding a module to fit your needs.  

See our catalogue of self-paced learning and enrol here:         

    Tectre Self-Paced Learning Catalogue

We are always happy to talk about other options.  

Tailored courses for your organisation

We can run in-house training for you on your site or at your selected location. We will spend time consulting with you to ensure that we fully understand the training requirements. The benefit of running education on-site with you is that you can tailor the training to your specific needs and can educate staff within their place of work. We do, however, ask customers to commit to give the maximum possible time away from their office for their learners, ensuring that this will be training money well spent.

In house training can accommodate groups of up to 10-12 people depending on content and can be tailored from half day sessions upwards.  We are often asked to create Lunch-and-Learn sessions for bigger groups.

We have also built curricula for our clients and can help you to work through your needs. If you do not see the content you are looking for on our list of courses, please feel free to ask. We have skilled trainers who have delivered a wide range of soft skills (from Sales skills to presentation skills and equally, we can source and manage technical training) 

Contact Gillian or Anne-Marie on:                                                                                                          01484 613724 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.