Leadership skills for the Technical Supervisor

Who Should Attend

As technical people step up to lead teams or to become managers they may need support in order to nurture their teams and to get the best from working relationships with staff. We suggest that this course is taken near to the start of their tenure in a new leadership role.

Course Content

  • The 21st Century Leader
    • What our customers require today from leaders
    • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader 6 competencies present in great leaders today. Assessment/feedback included*

  • Coaching skills
    • How acquiring coaching skills will aid you in your role
    • What is the difference between counselling, coaching and mentoring
    • The GROW Model
    • Asking powerful questions
    • Active listening skills
    • How to create a thinking environment

  • The Day to Day Stuff
    • Giving feedback that encourages
    • Collaborative delegation
    • Solving people problems

Course Length

One Day

This course can be modified with regard to content and length.  Talk to us via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on 01484 613724