Soft Skills for Technical People

There is a new realisation amongst IT managers that their technical people can add versatility and customer satisfaction through augmentied personal skills.   

Top amongst these is enhanced communication skills.  For this we use the iMATM communications methodology.   


With a concentration on Communications Skills, teams can ensure that they maximise every interaction with customers and users.  Companies are now dependent on technical teams to meet customer requirements for solutions, software and services and the external face of the company must be able to share information, solicit understanding and comprehend spoken and unspoken needs and requirements.   Critical observation takes critical thinking one stage further, ensuring that we can pickup on patterns and details as well as the holistic bigger picture interactions.   We believe that our courses keep pace with thinking in the industry and offer training for technical teams and their leaders to help them keep pace with the high tech world.

Tectre provides soft skills training for IT Technicians, IT Professionals, Scientists, Engineers and their leaders.