Women Returners

Why Women Returners? 

The UK is suffering from a significant shortage of STEM skills. It is therefore important that we help companies to attract and retain the best skills in the country. We are also deeply committed supporting returning STEM practitioners.

Currently more women than men exit the countries universities with outstanding degree qualifications. For many companies, there is then a period of expensive training to enable staff to perform their role within the organisation. As women may leave to meet family commitments, it is important for employers not to lose their investment which has been made in the skills. Tectre has the expertise to advise on the best way to retain women in the organisation. In this way, the investment in skills is retained and the business need not spend on recruitment. 

Support for Women Returners 

Tectre also offers support for women returning to STEM careers. It has long been known that women lose confidence in their abilities after a period away from work, and the effect is greater the longer a woman is away from the workplace. Our starting point is to help women regain the confidence to re-enter the workplace.

We help them to pinpoint missing skills and help break myths about the return to work. Our training sessions support confidence building, understanding personal directions, re-entry to the work marketplace, juggling the return to work with family commitments and coping strategies for the future. We can also offer ongoing coaching for women returners. 

Support for employers looking for Women Returners

For employers, we can offer a recruitment service to surface women returns for STEM roles, offering a diversity and seniority to their organisations. Capturing rare skills can be one of the benefits of attracting women returners to the workplace. Also, significant research now suggests that organisations which can attract skills and diversity at the highest levels can benefit from greater earnings, enhanced innovation and better risk management.

Tectre offers consulting to assist companies with retention of key staff and also to get to a position of better employee diversity at all levels.