Specialist in Diversity IT Recruitment

Tectre provides IT Recruitment solutions to multiple sectors and across all Industries. We offer a deep understanding of the latest roles in the technology market,  build strong relationships with all our stakeholders and have a great network to tap into to acquire diverse candidates from various professional sources.

We have, collectively, 60+ years of experience in the IT industry, not just in recruitment, but being a part of technology. We understand IT because the team has undertaken various technical and management roles in industry. We have worked in IBM and in Cognizant, in BT and in Citibank and have a broad range of application and project skills in our team.  We have managed Technical, Sales, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Consultancy teams. We have been hiring managers too and have worked on hiring panels.  

For these reasons we believe we understand the day to day challenges faced by our Clients and also those of our Candidates. We hope that we  provide solutions with a personal touch.

We are particularly interested in helping our clients to find women to add to their IT teams. Women are underrepresented in the IT professions making up only 17% of the IT workforce and only 11% of the senior IT workforce. We know that women are more likely to leave when they see limited career progression, when they feel the effects of the glass ceiling and when they watch their male counterparts make huge strides forward in their careers. For that reason, we ensure that when we talk to clients about initiating a positive action campaign, we also talk about what hiring managers need to know about their own recruiting and reviewing biases.  That way, the women who are hired stay on and thrive.

Executive Recruitment

At Tectre we are determined to find the best candidate for the role at all times and at all levels. We find Diverse and Women candidates for your client's Senior roles to support your Positive Action campaigns. 'One Size doesn't fit all' especially with Executive recruitment. We understand and analyse your requirements and provide bespoke solutions and candidates through Social resourcing, Talent mapping and strategic business intelligence.

IT Sales and Pre-Sales

With our years of experience in Hardware and Software Sales, we can source you a Senior Sales Head to a member of a team working in Sales, Pre-sales and Post-sales. In our time we have hired and managed sales and pre-sales people. We want to share our expertise to help you find the teams you need.

Technical Roles

We find diverse talent for all your Technical roles from Technical Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, IT Trainers to recent graduates across all technologies like, Java, Dot Net, Oracle, Big data, Hadoop and others.

International Recruitment

We are based in Yorkshire which means that we can cater to our clients locally. We just don't stop there. We recruit across the UK and globally in other European countries, USA and Asia.