Unconscious Bias and Diversity Training

We offer both online (Zoom), self-paced (LMS) and traditional face-to-face formats.   At the moment due to COVID-19, all our training is running online, but we hope to restart classroom style teaching when the situation changes.  We run the 'Exploring New Ways of Thinking' course as an open course once a month.  Further detail is available on each of our courses by selecting menu items to the left here.  You can book on the open course or the self paced learning at the links below.  In brief, our courses are:

  • Unconscious Bias for all staff - Exploring New Ways of Thinking  (Online Self Paced, or Online Face-to-face)
  • Unconscious Bias  - Training for Leaders and Manager  (Online Self Paced, or Online Face-to-face)
  • Unconscious Bias  - Illuminate the Board  (Online Face-to-face)
  • Sexual Harrassment and Bullying in the Workplace  (Online Face-to-face)
  • Inclusive Recruitment - Recruiting for a Better Balanaced Workforce (Online Face-to-face)

You will find that our training is slightly longer than others, particularly our self-paced version at 7-8 hours elapsed.  We are convinced that short self-paced online learning can be easily forgotten, whereas a little more effort on the part of the learner is both enjoyable and has more positive outcomes.  This means that our training has more detail.  Specifically for teaching staff we offer modules on bias in secondary school teaching and bias considerations for the Research Excellence Framework.

In all aspects our training caters to a broad variety of learning styles, and we are sure that it is effective, not only because we using testing and get some great feedback as shown below, but also because we offer a report for larger organisations which shows the effectiveness of training on recruitment and assessment of diverse employee groups (this must be setup with us beforehand) and we can actually see that it works!

We are really happy to make the training fit your organisation.  We have created bespoke training for many industries, not only Science, Technology, and Engineering, but Academia, Banking, Construction, Retail, Sporting Organisations, Schools and others.  It keeps us on our toes and exercises our grey matter.  We have taught Unconscious or Implicit Bias for large corporates, SMEs and not-for-profit groups, and believe that this gives us  extensive experience with  learners at all levels.   We believe we fully understand the implications of these biases in the workplace and we are determined to help companies and organisations become aware of the issues around unchecked implicit bias.  We have been teaching about unconscious bias since the beginning of this century and regularly speak on the subject to large and small audiences across the STEM sectors and beyond. Recently we have encountered women and other groups who are experiencing toxic work cultures due in part to micro inequities.  We have therefore added microinequities training to our workshop portfolio.  Ask us for more details by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Selecting us as your diversity training team means that you get access to people who have worked for diversity for many years, both in our jobs in global organisations, but also through our support of Universities, Schools and colleges and for campaigning and membership organisations like WISE, the BCS(The Chartered Institute for IT), CEPIS and others.

Circle of Diversity

 Course links on the lefthand side of this screen cover sessions for managers, leaders, executive teams, HR teams and   general staff.  We are happy to produce bespoke education offerings if required. We are always available to discuss course   content and pricing and can be reached through the email address above.

  All courses come with a certificate of completion if required.

 See our catalogue of self-paced learning and enrol here: 

          Tectre Self-Paced Learning Catalogue

 Exploring New Ways of Thinking - Open Course Calendar and Bookings:

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Unconscious Bias - Course Feedback

Here is some of the feedback from the Unconscious Bias courses we have run over the last decade:

"I thought the training was very informative and have given me great experience in this area"
" Good - Good Session and feedback from other staff members. Gained and understanding of bias"
"Thought provoking!"
"Good all round course"
"Found some really relevant and interesting themes and issues, particularly re recruitment"
"The training was delivered in an interesting and interactive way"
"Liked the practical examples from other businesses"
"Really Good. It's made mefeel like the things I was thinking aren't crazy!!"
"Very interesting and thought provoking.  Enjoyable."
"Really informative. Makes you thkn about different perspectives. Opens your eyes to other people's views/beliefs that I wouldn't have known before"
"Informative. Thought provoking. Important"
"Very illuminating - definitely a topic that needs proactive attention"
Very thought provoking.  Would be intrested in discussing the implications within our teams and putting a strategy forward (rather than this just being the board)"

Contact Anne-Marie or Gillian for more details by email at;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or on 01484 613724