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BCSWomen GEM Tech Awards


Tectre's Managing Director, Gillian Arnold is Chair of the BCS Specialist Group BCSWomen.  This year BCSWomen won the inaugural GEM Tech award for their work supporting women in the IT Sector.    


Tectre's Managing Director, Gillian Arnold accepted the GEM Tech Award for: Promoting Women in the ICT Sector - Initiatives aimed at attracting reatining and promoting women within the ICT sector and into decision making positions.   This is one of the seven categories in the 2014 inaugural GEM Tech Awards and BCSWomen won the award over some 360 worldwide nominations.

The award ceremony was held as part of the ITU Plenipotetiary which took place in Busan, Korea during the last weeks of October 2014 and the award was inaugurated by both the ITU and by UN Women in support of their Gender Equality and Mainstreaming policy which was adopted in 2013.

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After the award ceremony, the winners of the seven categories were invited to participate n a debate with ITU delegates to advance the concepts around supporting women and girls in ICT.